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Size: 1'L x 1'W x .5"H
Space Required:

Dance Floor Tiles

Make your occasion special with a dance floor! 'Cut a rug' with family and friends on our beautiful teak wood grain design dance floor. Our dance floor comes in 1'x1' tiles so we can create almost any size needed!


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Determine What Size Floor You Need: A good rule of thumb for planning an event: 30% of the total number of guests will be on the dance floor at any given time.

Option 1: How much space do you have? Decide how much space you have for a dance floor. Or, many people use our portable flooring as a floor for the dining area, too. Either way, you will need precise measure- ments.

Option 2: How many guests will attend? If space is not an issue, use the chart below as a reference guide to what size dance floor you require.

Dance Floor Chart

How to calculate square footage: If you don’t know how to calculate square footage, here’s a tutorial. Refer to the example dance floor on the right. Measure width and length of your floor. In the example, the width is 12ft (A) and the length is 18ft (B). To calculate the total square footage, use the formula AxB = total sq ft. In the example, 12ft x 18ft = 216 square feet



RENTAL TERMS:  Price shown is generally for an 8 hour rental period, please select delivery and pickup times accordingly. Select a delivery time at least 1 hour before your event start time. It is the customer’s responsibility to measure the setup location to make sure rented product will fit. Cancellations must be done within 72 hours before the rental date or else a cancellation fee of the 25% deposit amount may apply. Exceptions are made for cancellations on Rainy or Inclement weather days; please check Rain Policy for more information. Most tent delivers will be delivered the day before and picked up the day after due to longer setup.

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