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Bubble Machine

The Antari B-100X Bubble Machine has a "Double Bubble Wheel" designed to produce a steady stream of bubbles. Comes with a remote to operate from far away. Includes 1 gallon bubble fluid for hours of bubbles!



Fog Machine

The Chauvet Lighting Hurricane Fog Machine produces tons of fog and has a timer to continue to produce fog as needed. Comes with a remote to operate from far away. Comes with 1 gallon of fog fluid.

Giant Connect 4

Giant Connect 4



Large Play Parachute

Recreational Parachutes are a fun and healthy group activity. Not only are parachutes great fun, they also teach teamwork and cooperation. Throw in some balls and make it more fun! Good for up to 20 people.

Skee Ball

Skee Ball

Giant Beer Pong

Our giant beer pong game provides hours of fun! Can be used as an adult version or a kid version! Provided are (12) 32 gallon drums and (2) volley balls.

Giant Jenga

Test your skills against the law of gravity with Giant Jenga! Take turns pulling wooden blocks from the body of the tower and re-stacking them at the top, giving the tower potential to reach over 5-feet in height! Perfect for parties, team building exercises, and other interactive fun!

Potato Sacks

Great for sack races and field day events. Great activity fun for students, individuals, schools, camps or church outings. Includes 12 potato sacks.

Tug of War Rope

50' Tug of War Rope Test your strength and see which group can out-power the other with this 50 foot long Tug of War rope. Has a loop on both ends to harness down with your strongest and heaviest group member. Great for corporate events and team building activities.

Hot Potato Race

Race your friends to the end with the Hot Potato Race Game! Test your skills by keeping the plastic ball in the air as you pass it from cone to cone into the basket at the end. Whoever finishes first wins!


Try your luck with Plinko! Drop the ball or washer through the chosen slot to watch it go through the maze. If it lands on a star, you're a winner!

Cover the Spot

Try your best to Cover the Spot! Standing from a distance you have to toss the disc and try to get it to land directly on the spot. If so, you're a winner !


With Roll-a-Ball you can test both your aim and math skills! Try your best to roll your balls into the desired slot, but remember to keep your total under 14 or above 23!

Seven-Ten Split

Show your skills with Seven-Ten Split by knocking down both pins with just one throw to be a winner.

Spin Art

Spin Art is great for all ages! By just squeezing the paint over the top of the spinning machine, you can watch your masterpiece be created! Design your very own special painting by choosing any colors you like! And don't forget to decorate a frame to put your picture inside.


Play the famous game of Tic-Tac-Toe in a new, fun and exciting way! By standing back you have to try and toss your ball into the desired slot to get "three-in-a-row, tic-tac-toe!"

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